Train & Verify

  • Comprehensive On-Boarding Orientations & Knowledge Level Testing and Training
  • Continued Education:  CWI, PMI, VT, PT, Level I & II
  • Participation in Industrial Network: AWS, API, ASME, ABC, NACE, ACI, ASTM, NFPA, & ANSI are a few
  • Intensive Welder Testing and Management
  • Additional Formal Supervisor’s Training and Knowledge Testing
  • Annual Supervisor’s Refresher

Plan & Execute

  • Quality is a Full-Time Member of the Project Management Team
  • Site Specific Quality Execution Plans with detailed I.T.P.
  • Subcontractor Expectations & Compliance

Monitor & Verify

  • Dedicated Quality Professionals on All Project Sites
  • Quality Audits are Performed in the Field, at vendor shops, and during engineering process
  • Verify Purchase Orders for Accurate Material Specification and Selection


  • Open Book Records
  • Client Hands-On Access


  • Owner
  • Company management
  • Employees

Employee Empowerment

  • Stop Work Authority
  • Management Oversight and Accountability
  • Site and Employee Recognition

The Right Tool for the Job!

  • State of the Art Welding, Cutting tools, and Equipment
  • Weld Write Pro:  Comprehensive Welder tracking and continuity program
  • Tested and Verified Lifting Tools and Equipment

Tellepsen Welding Quality

  • 2013 Final Numbers – Weld Rejection Rate of 3.93%
  • 2014 Final Numbers – Weld Rejection Rate of 1.32%
  • 2015 Final Numbers – Weld Rejection Rate of .0269%