Our strategically-located facilities enable us to meet our customers’ mechanical piping, process piping, and skid prefabrication needs for construction and maintenance projects, emergency repairs and shutdowns.

Tellepsen Industrial’s fabrication shop is used to ensure materials and assembled components are delivered to projects in a timely manner, meet our strict quality specifications, and are properly prepared for quick installation. With the Tellepsen fabrication shop we are able to coordinate and prioritize the prefabrication process to fit each project’s individual needs.

Tellepsen Industrial’s ability to fabricate and deliver materials as they are needed results in reduced handling and storage expenses and allows field team performance to remain on-track with stringent schedules. Tellepsen’s Quality Assurance/Quality Control Procedures provide an organized program of inspections, examinations, and tests to ensure that all construction, shop fabrication, and field fabrication is completed in accordance with approved drawings, specifications, codes, and standards.

Fabrication Services

Our industrial prefabrication services help streamline even the most complex projects. Field team performance is driven in part by stringent scheduling and production methods in our shop fabrication facility which ensure materials and prefabricated components arrive on time, handling and storage expenses are reduced and fast-track schedules are met. Additionally, our scanning capabilities ensure exact specifications are met throughout the fabrication process so that we get it right the first time, every time.

Tellepsen has an extensive QA/QC Program that encompasses fabrication and construction to ensure our services meet or exceed code and/or customer requirements. We develop project-specific QC manuals that address project organization, duties, document control, testing, inspection, calibration and records.

Our fabrication capabilities include:

  • Large and Small Bore Process Piping
  • Carbon Steel and Alloy Welding
  • Pipe Spools
  • Welding – pipe/plate/structural
  • Fitting – pipe/plate/structural
  • Module Fabrication and Assembly
  • Process/Valve Skids
  • Measurement Skids
  • Automatic Submerged Arc Welder
  • Automated Flux Core Welding
  • Root Pass Station
  • Vernon CNC Pipe Cutting & Material Handling Equipment
  • (4) 10 ton over head cranes