Tellepsen’s engineering group provides complete multi-disciplined Project Development services from Front End Engineering Development through all Phased Gate or FEL Processes including Start-up and Commissioning support. Our consulting engineers can support Clients’ daily operational needs whether working onsite or remotely. Tellepsen provides complete compliance services to enhance Clients’ regulatory responsibilities.

Our Approach

At Tellepsen, we offer design and consulting services for a wide range of construction projects including those for foundations and structures, mechanical and piping, transmission and distribution lines, power distribution and electrical, facility and system engineering, and instrumentation and controls.

Our phased-gate work process ensures a comprehensively attentive and organized approach to every project. We’ll take it from paper-napkin sketches all the way through the submission of as-built document turnover, dotting every “I” and crossing every “t” along the way. Our five-stage front-end loaded (FEL) process includes:

  • FEL 1 – Pre-project development assessing needs, broad conceptualizations and sketches, adding detail and formulating a plan, which may be accompanied by a rough estimate, then submitted for client approval;
  • FEL 2 – initial design phase in which Tellepsen will consult with vendors and suppliers, evaluate deliverables and logistics, revise designs as necessary to ensure all the elements work together;
  • FEL 3 – Detailed design phase, finalizing all project elements and estimates, which are submitted to the client for approval;
  • FEL 4 – Once designated as “Approved-for-Execution” (AFE) and PO is issued, Tellepsen provides behind-the-scenes construction support or full-out construction management, depending on client needs;
  • FEL 5 – Following project completion, we submit all as-built designs finalize document turnover, incorporating any modifications during the construction phase.

Engineering Services

  • Detailed Design (complete site development or system integration)
    • Sitework and Infrastructure
    • Drainage and Roadways
    • Foundations and Grade Slabs
    • Piperacks and Process Equipment Structures
    • Mechanical and Piping Systems
    • Electrical
    • Instrumentation and Controls
    • Modular Systems
  • Consulting Engineering
    • Offsite Responsibilities including Value Engineering
    • Onsite Project Engineering
      • New Installation and Maintenance Projects
      • Turnarounds/Shutdowns
      • Mechanical Systems including Process Equipment ( Rotating and Fixed)
      • Electrical Systems including Low-Mid Voltage (Load Flow, MCC, VFD and Distribution)
      • Instrumentation and Control Systems including Operational Interface and Measurement (PLC, SCADA/Radar, Fiber Optics)
    • Asset and Systems Analysis
      • Structural
      • Vibration
      • Fatigue
    • Staff Augmentation
  • Asset Integrity
    • Equipment Reliability
    • Process Efficiency
    • Regulatory Compliance